Who is responsible for the freight cost when the terms are fob destination?

The carrier is responsible for the freight cost from the point of shipment to the destination. It is fob based on the fact that the items are in transit to a consignee or some other location and therefore can’t be delivered directly to a seller subjecting them to resale restrictions, so it will sit in transit until directed otherwise.
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Who pays the freight cost when the terms are fob destination??

The shipping cost, generally. Reference:  FOB delivery agreement contract
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How to split freight cost in orders?

How much does freight broker insurance cost?

Freight broker insurance, in addition to general liability and property casualty coverage, is one of the most precious pieces of your shipping business. A good broker will be insured for about $2,000 to $4,000 per container due to the perils inherent with merchants working out of home bases. It’s important to have exposure to inventory loss that could happen from storms or natural disasters such as floods, fire or lightning strikes. The only problem is you can’t buy trucking broker insurance for freight shipments because their risk is considered below that of trucking companies.

Who pays the freight cost when the terms are fob destination?

Probably the vendor who delivers the goods to your mining site. There are expenses associated with port operations and these, in general, are caused by all sorts of activities that take place at a port before a resource is shipped. The actual shipper has little or nothing to do with these (unless it’s an expensive item that only one company uses and can afford to courier) – they simply exist…

How much does it cost to ship freight by truck?

Depending on the contents being shipped, it will cost somewhere between $50 and $150 per ton – roughly the same as shipping an equivalent amount of freight by rail or air. On top of that (costs seldom ever quoted), there are fees paid to trucking companies, third party brokers, local shippers, package receipts and carrier services. This is in addition to classic shipping costs such as dry ice, premiums and taxes I never thought about…

How much does it cost to freight a car?

How much does freight broker training cost?

freight broker career in a nutshell…. As freight brokers are the most attractive profession for high school or college students, it’s essential for them to enrich themselves. However, preparing themselves for success requires time and investment. While some colleges offer options on shipping industry (such as obtaining certificates), professional training should be given priority in order to stand out amongst other professionals.
College courses /Wholesale College
Depending on the area you are interested into this may vary from course to course but general ones seem to be rooted around business and accounting. Loans vary from state to state; there is no shortage of websites offering money saving courses as well. Just make sure there aren’t any fraudulent deals being offered… eBay seems popular for that in some states.—> Alert
The course is time consuming: 28 days – 5-10h per day depending on the quality of instructors
A freight broker will spend thousands of hours at the office plus several hundred more hard earned hours at home each week booking business trips both short and long distances under signed contracts with their clients—> Alert
Apprenticeships are what we recommend: Even if a recent college graduate already has a job he can offer their services to others which helps them get used to freelancing in an efficient manne

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