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What level hazmat suit for radiation?

At this point (the WHO has declared the only protective action is to ‘zap’ zombies into condition 1.0), imagine a one ton nuclear storage facility guardian suit meeting the highest level of protection levels while on the job, it will work like this: +6g’s bending force at wrist, chest and ankles +2.0g’s acceleration forces at Top and Elbows. -0.75g’s weight For any other unknown modeling or research, click on the Source for further information

Which of the following are basic clues for recognizing a hazmat incident?

This has been asked a million times before, but in this case the answer is kind of specific in that it’s toward restaurants and cafes. -In general, what indicators should help employers (or security personnel) discern between an ordinary spill and a possible hazardous substance spill? Or, more guardedly: what can an employer reasonably assume when s/he walks into a commercial establishment (i.e., not one occupied by the U.S. Armed Forces / first responder) in which there appears to be either a possibly hazardous substance on the premises (e.g., sewage gushing or pouring out of pipes, etc.) or near the drinking fountain(which may or may not be contaminated)? Preferably something fairly non-specific to ensure that we’re getting as many answers as possible here:
Answer: From TV shows like tips and tricks, guide lines on how to stay safe while cooking food, dish soap toxicity etc… To know what poison looks like —Google TV ant poison use surveillance video… And finally cant affect your land lord if you are renting your own place….

How much hazmat can i carry without an endorsement?

How to dye a hazmat suit?

I always thought like this, with cleaner (DuraCoat) and a garment steam press.

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