What is the transport cost sensitivity of freight?

I believe that the key thing we need to control is the hidden cost of powering all machines (trucking, trains, etc.) this secret cost seems very important because it is difficult to quantify and something most academics implicitly assume; therefore it makes little sense to talk about freight being cheaply transported across the boundaries between regions or countries.
I also wonder how far in advance we can determine that a major project will lead to clear benefits from our perspective (more hours of employment on a given piece of land by a given business example), how do we match supply with demand in new ways. Whether you work for a big company who only keeps track of metrics within their own board rooms or start-ups which looks at data from S&P 500 companies, charts are good for learning about market positioning and what trend really affects those metrics and let you become more confident about the value your product brings.
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What is a cost of quality? a. appraisal cost b. prevention cost c. freight cost d. failure cost?

Cost of quality = costs to improve the product from a quality defect

How much does it cost to get all of the parts for a mini tesla coil at harbor freight?

For about $100.00 you can get the materials to build a small Tesla Coil at home. Another method is to buy pre-built tesla coils from other internet shops such as, Amazon and Ebay, however there are many “no brainers” that retailers would not include in their price list.

When the seller absorbs all or part of the actual freight cost?

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