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What is hazmat fee?

This is a fee that occurs because your company cannot produce enough money to cover the cost of an impending clean-up (usually after a natural disaster); in such cases, local governments hold an auction and attempt to recover their losses.

How to get hazmat and tanker endorsement?

I can’t answer the hazmat, but I know of one who did. A few years before I got my BS, she requested (online) information on the Driver Manuals and then sent them off to the school through snail mail. Put in her application that she’d also submitted routes to get a tanker endorsement. This was around 2002/2003 when HazMat hadn’t really hit the market as far as being cross trained in a few different fields. There still is one out there somewhere in Europe, who does have a 3 year bridge license and has held it since 1998. Most people don’t know about this until after they are approached by US based carriers for training in Hazmat work (even though their careers have been spent mainly here).

Which of these is not required knowledge for drivers needing hazmat endorsement?

It is far better to have an ability to drive a car than to be licensed as a hazmat driver. A good driving record and it helps if you have never been in any kind of traffic accident. hazmat driver training class .

How long does it take to get a hazmat endorsement?

Massachusetts doesn’t require a hazmat endorsement, as long as you haven’t been convicted of a violation. So if you’re looking to ever get back into the medical field after your sanction, in MA you need only provide evidence of your firing and non-employers’ license. In the interim, part time or contract work is possible. Emory Medicine Center hired me part time even though I was under suspension — they have a huge military and private health care customer base that would recoup money from hiring me while my vetting was going on.

How to become a hazmat specialist?

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