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What Is A Freight Forwarder Responsible For?

They take care of the logistics or a shipment from/to any countries. Freight forwarders deal with receiving and shipping goods from one country to another through various means like sea freight, air freight, LCL / RORO (less than container load / roll on roll off), DDP(Dignity of transport), etc. This is where they make their money; usually by marking up the price between their selling country the importing country. They are more concerned about the transporting process unless there are media laws like customs duties etc., in which case they would take care of tariffs and taxes collection if applicable.

Who Is Responsible For Customs Paperwork When Using A Freight Forwarder?

It is ultimately the responsibility of the customer’s Customs Broker–––NOT a freight forwarder. Is that clear? If you want your goods to be searched and examined by someone else, ask for a Customs broker. Follow-up with your Security Agent–––or warehouse staff–once and shipping has been initiated on whether or not you will be charged a fee for Customs clearance.

What Is Freight Class 55 Description?

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