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What is a dimensional Freight Quote?


A dimensional freight quote is a type of quote that includes the dimensions of the items being shipped. This information is used to calculate the cost of shipping.Dimensional freight quotes are generally more accurate than standard quotes, since they take into account the actual size and weight of the shipment. This can be helpful when trying to estimate costs for larger shipments.

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My.yrc.com: Dimensional Freight Quote

A Dimensional Freight Quote is a no-hassle quote, and it’s EASY! You don’t have to register, sign in or even know the freight class. Rates are real-time and market-priced. You can secure and finalize these rates simply by paying by ACH, Visa or MasterCard and writing the Quote ID on the Bill of Lading.

Savings come from a Dimensional-Weight Carrier?

With a dimensional-weight carrier, the actual weight of the shipment may not matter. The carrier will determine how much the package should weigh based on its dimensions. If the dimensional weight is greater than the actual weight, the carrier will use the dimensional weight to calculate your bill.

If you choose a dimensional-weight carrier but use the actual weight, you could end up receiving a costly billing adjustment after the shipment has been delivered. Like all billing adjustments, this will be generated by the carrier, not FreightCenter.


Your first look at your freight quote may show you 20 carriers or more that can handle your shipment. By working with your shipping partner to help you filter your options, what started off as a list of 20 could be whittled down to two or three. The provider of the cheapest freight quote might be among those two or three finalists, but not necessarily.

Where to get freight broker license?

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