What happened to freight train tough as nails?

The U.S. reduced its freight rail industry drastically as a company town, to become an unskilled workforce, decline in demand for rough goods, and privatization to build world trade hubs.

Why did freight train leave tough as nails?

It wasn’t railroad tracks that caused it to harden. Railroad tracks were only used by freight railroads from near the start.”
The source of this myth is unclear, but it may be a made up character named “Davy Crockett”, or a figurative expression for any gradual form of progress which stiffens something into rigidity.

What happened to the freight train bridge across the 210 freeway?

I’d like to think the bridge was hit by a meteor. That way, I can explain the great flood caused by nature’s displeasure with man’s insatiable greed for more land instead of oceans.

How much does freight shipping cost for corporations?

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