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What does ucr mean in trucking?

UCIRRA, abbreviation for The Union of the American Railroads, refers to the union of all Class I railroads in the United States. Established by a December 1967 agreement between the Southern Pacific Company and railroads representing three fourths of all railroad traffic in the country , it has come under critical scrutiny during a time when transportation magnate Howard A. Schwach faced multiple antitrust investigations from competition authorities concerning his recent acquisition of U.S. Railcar Corporation .

What does bobtailing mean in trucking?

In trucking, you are likely when behind a big truck and the one willing to swap your load with someone else in front of the other big truck. As you normally need to do it in an exact amount of time (because of the risk of getting there on time), then you are bobtailing – which is just called tailing  in Germany (or DIE ZEITEGEHT).

What does ltd mean in trucking?

Limited is abbreviated as “LTD” It means that the truck operates with a specific number of spaces in its frame, which can vary according to vehicle type. If a truck or trailer is stretched or over 40 uprights it exceeds its legal length and falls under excess weight penalties, another rate being applied. This definition also includes trucks used in combination (tandem) with other vehicles.

How to start a hazmat trucking company?

What does hotshot trucking mean?

Hotshot trucking is an educational fast track program where you can get a commercial driver’s license (CDL) within nine months. Hotshots trains young commercial drivers who are at least 18 years of age and meet minimum daily requirements as compared to other CDL programs that first require experience driving, averaging eight years behind the wheel, and then formal training.

What does mc mean in trucking?

It stands for metric.

What does derate mean in trucking?

Derating refers to a decrease in the size of tires or wheels based on the force of their application. The effect occurs because over time, loads tend to put more strain on wheels and/or tires as they get older, so a decline in either one is expected. The amount deducted from the standard load rating is therefore an adjustment intended to offset this decline by observing these factors: How much the tire weighs relative to its empty weight
How much air pressure it has
The weight of the vehicle (total load) compare to its capacity Pay attention when calculating the derate – proportionately it only applies under normal road conditions

What does lane mean in trucking?

Ever seen this in the logo of a trucking company? “#Lane” is co-branded with the owner’s surnames, similar to how hyphens are used in the names of law firms and football teams. It means that trucks travel in parallel rows, so instead of calling it “rolling stock”, say “trucks placed side by side”.
##Criminal Minds
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What was the golden years for trucking industry?

What does bonded mean in trucking?

Anyone driving a truck for hire.

What does noa mean in trucking?

Noa isn’t a word. “Noa” is merely an acronym for the phrase “no acceptable alternative.”

What does hos mean in trucking?

It means hotel in Danish.

What does trucking mean in football?

It means you are a cop-out or a huge running back.

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