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What does prepass mean in trucking?

PrePass is an authorization process. It gives the truck a green light to cross the state line because he has no weight restrictions. Some states like Alabama take this “green light” as proof that it is okay for the trucker to carry hazardous materials, despite not having carried them beforehand.
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What does dry load in trucking mean?

Generally speaking, we use the term dry weight to refer to the weight of a shipment before saying how much that can weigh. It refers to what is shipped from origin, so does not include any overloading or shipping damage that may occur as a result of rough handling for shipping. The meaning is often used in trucking when cargo loads do not include hazardous materials (testing still may be done), alcoholic beverages or perishable goods. Items such as electronics and paper are frequently considered dry loads and are among the most sought after by shippers because they take less time to reach their destinations compared to containing these materials within protective containers

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What doee power only mean in trucking?

In the US, that skinny black object coming out of the back of your truck is referred to as a bogie, or power/pull-rod assembly. In other parts of the globe they call this a rack, in most cases what it actually is is a differential. A bogie allows you to have 4 wheels around tires on all 4 axles (no matter how long they are) and not have 2 front and 2 rear corners paralleling each other like a wagon or sedan with 2 driven wheels. You place these 4 points alone together so you can turn fully with the turning radius you will want for highway driving. So it mathmatically can consistently allow your rack less turns over road without ever hitting trans fats, hitting people in crosswalk, and getting stuck under an interstate sign because you’re stuck facing forward from underneath but need to use both lanes to exit. Basically sticking your self backwards into modernity… (I’m kidding) Bogies unfortunately do take some power from your engine.

What does volume and truckload basic mean in trucking?

Volume and truckload basic are two different methods of defining the size (or weight) of cargo a truck can transport.
Weight of most common items in kilograms have been standardized, with one being 1 kilogram. The metric equivalent would be 0.001 kg. However, for cost-effectiveness purposes in some cases measuring only the weight is not enough information to compare two loads, such as when we need to determine the volume of a product that has similar dimensions but is manufactured differently from other products on this page such as bulk solids or dry freight. It’s much easier to compare if you measure both quantity and weight . So, in trucking generally speaking, volume and also measured in cubic meters (m³). For example: a trailer length 244 height 92 width 48 feet. That’s 244×3=688 cubm4 =68 m³ which equals 23300 kg for characteristic length (246cm) and 23840 kg for characteristic height (104 cm). This means the trailer is 3” shorter than standard length measuring 246×3=498 or 112 cu ft or 2145 kilograms per ton according to LTL Express’s volumetric weights list. To manually calculate tonnage via Central Dispatch Software go to Cargo

What does ucr mean in trucking?

What does backlog mean in trucking?

Bench…Back…While most people think of a backlog as being work that causes you to feel anxious and stressed, it can also be independent of the quality of your company’s work.
An example for us here in Australia would be if actual costs were involved with buying equipment, wiring or signage. If I had a huge list of things that needed tackled in order to get an installation ready for delivery before Labor Day, these items would fall into our ’emergency work’, pending funds to cover the items – and with May fast approaching and almost zero sales this has been what we’ve been dealing with. Yes it sucks. But not every heavy lifting type job is bad news – jeez who wants high-paying  jobby work when you’re a truckie? Maybe it’s funnier for Australians because aside from our national standard 30in diameter trailers carrying Aussie fruit washing machines and cameras, we are literally the only customers out there that use the same sized vehicles we do (albeit 25mpg diesel in some cases) – so we don’t have to worry about finding new clients if some old client has found themselves unable to lift our current parcels.(I didn’t mean this one…)

What does bato mean in trucking jobs?

At the end of the day, bato has many meanings like side of a truck or load end. If you think about truck drivers, I would imagine most of their jobs are technical in nature. So trying to ask what does it mean in English might be hard.

What does cfi trucking mean?

It has to do with the federal fund known as 8141. The Internal Revenue code was originally something like 1040 X which would basically read tax returns and make deductions for the engineer or truck driver. But, sometime in 2011, a post by someone on the CFF updated this about half way through. He simply replaced one line of numbers and changed it from 1040 x to 1042 x for 2013 and that’s how CFI Trucking came about in this flavor of motorcarrier industry revenue: 1042 x instead of 1040 x = 13202

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What does clean psp mean in trucking?

Clean means you with no blemishes or imperfections, usually on the steel when it is a truck rather than the one operating on its body. Unlike passenger cars, lorries are often covered in tar to protect the vehicle and loads while travelling; this imparts an oily surface to the metal which attracts dirt and leaves rust. To operate safely it is crucial that lorries have filth wiped off them, so no matter how dirty they become, there can be no residue from any previous operation on their surfaces.

What do you mean by clampable trucking?

Clamping is when you have a very heavy box, or similar item that you need to load into a truck and can’t fit under the door. It’s also sometimes called wrestling, but there are actually two ways to do this as of today: 1. Hook down – clamp it so that it fits through; 2. Slide in – grab one end at the shoulder and roll it in your hand until it sticks out rolling the box for loading; 3. Open-up – use a pair of metal claw tools called “rake keys” (i love their names) to knock off open access panels closest to ground and pry off braces; 4. Roll up – grab the bottom edge of the closed door frame and lift up while gently pushing iron stake against hinges to keep doors from moving; then rotate them and open against inside car door frame by rolling around iron stands, while protecting yourself with steel wedge tool; 5. Roll away – get behind onto flat surface like concrete or ice or asphalt pavement and carefully tip outside doo

What does intermodal transportation mean in trucking?

These are modes of transportation that share characteristics, but not necessarily elements of road, rail, or sea-based transportation. For example: Trains and buses can be used to haul bulk cargo, but also incorporate rail cars on their trains as well as bus stops along their routes. Good examples of intermodals are the Frigorifico de Santiago (a refrigerator transport company in Chile) hauling refrigerated containers via sea ships and land train; Federal Express freight service between Los Angeles and Houston.

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