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What does ltl mean in trucking?

Less Than Load

What does deadhead mean in trucking?

Dead Head is the name of a head that is peeled off

What does otr mean in trucking?

It means to vary the speed on a trailer so that it is a slow load while you make all stops but then accelerate up to top speed ahead of where you are going.

What does power only mean in trucking?

Power as these trucks are extremely large. It is difficult to control such a large vehicle, but if you have the controls, then theoretically everything is yours.
Wired article: What Would it Take to Lead Trucking on a Different Path?

What does ftl mean in trucking?

First, For The Love of God:  The most common choice, but it is also the most useless if one is not a religious nut (or a poet). Second, Full-Time Lease. Most common for transporting goods for industry (as in food delivery vans), but also can include “explore this land further” means since truck drivers are unlikely to be returning from that route.

What does bobtail mean in trucking?

The word came into the lexicon right around the beginning of the 20th century. People started using it in place of “dumpling” to describe the suspension on steam locomotives that looked like a puffball at the back end of the cab. The “bob,” or bit, on top is where you will find your safety restraints and horns. When you see a picture of a bobtail engine, look closely at the tailpipe and you will see just how it looks.

How to start a non cdl trucking company?

What does it mean all in house for trucking?

In House refers to the notion that commercial trucking firms provide logistical, financing and insurance services for other companies and organizations. In Scott Linebarger’s thesis in International Business, he compares an integrated trucking firm to a Fortune 500 company: Both operate under a number of layers conjoined by complex networks of business environments and logistics needs. The difference is that inhouse unions deal with all aspects of their industry under one “umbrella” agreement. This includes their over the road drivers, mechanics and office staff, these employees check all lots received and put into service as well as any combination of them left at roadside. Garage facilities maintain a standard list of pre-assigned parts for each vehicle and each shift of personnel works on setting up new units for picking and delivery duty. Drivers report directly to a dispatcher who tracks overall load distribution through swipable iPad apps linked to GPS tracking devices on vehicles; trucks are assigned routes based on how much time the layout will take in route plus passenger loads and fuel efficiency recommended by dispatchers. The only exception is when they need more drivers than they can handle at any given shift (due to weather delays or large shipments), this leads to calling upon independent fleets through competitive bids – arrangements that maximize quarterly

What does tl mean in trucking?

Legal Load.

What does dh-o mean in trucking?

It means “Direct Harv. Only” in connection with an order for a certain truck that carries certain cargo to a certain destination

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What does live load mean in trucking?

The live load is the rating of the weights that can be transported by a semi trailer. The maximum allowable weight varies with speed according to ATC Rule 412 on Transportation of GAWN
The overall weight including cargo and empty trailer must not exceed , or 2,000 pounds per axle, whichever is greater . The maximum allowable axle weight is
85,000 pounds for all vehicles except switchers… **live loads rarely exceed 50% of the capacity capacity, which means they are close to empty.**

What does regional mean in trucking?

Regional operations are trucks or drivers identified as running during a fixed period of time within various areas (think East and West coast, then Southern and Northern Plains) to handle specific tasks. That said; I was required to drive in many regions: Long haul, coast-to-coast, short hops like North Dakota to LAX, etc,” is an excellent answer from Buzz Transport on Quora
A regional trucker who drives freight all over the country is a “regional driver”. A  regional driver is usually an owner operator who leases his tractor but still can be called that because often times their job functions take them all over the United States from one end to the other. The main difference between an Owner Driver  and a regional driver is that often times Owner Drivers have contracted solid work for certain routes and expect most of their income to come from those contracts. For example, the Son-Illinois routes covers Midwest Illinois and Southeast Wisconsin. This region runs primarily through Chicago and includes several major shipping points along Chicago’s branch lines (Strawberry Fleet – Carter/Wheatfield Valley – Darst/Armour Bell – S&P Steel Steels). Son-Illinois will subcontract smaller amounts of trips on occasion

What is a good name for a trucking company?

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