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What does drayage mean in trucking?

Drayage means to carry something from one place to another.

What does fsc mean in trucking?

Full-time student, which means 25% or less. FSC always refers to the student trainee driving record, with the “F” for full-time.(https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1XUP40pBbSvEm8DGws4MSMFYOaFDAr42aRiYjSAQSqsI/edit#gid=1456692815 )
The same thing happens here: “(in) Full-time Student is a classification of school status that is used with DOT applications and on driver records. Schools use this category to identify students who are training to be full-time certified drivers.” (http://dfptrafficmgmt.lds.edu/)

What does drop and hook mean in trucking?

Drop and hook mean to load freight at the wrong end of a trailer. When you load freight at the wrong end of a truck, then on its subsequent delivery journeys it is often referred to as having dropped or hooked a trailer or containers when it arrives at its destination.
That traffic violation loses only 3% – 5% of goods being delivered to their destination; a brutal reality that destroys far more than just property and resources if left unchecked by intervention from both State and local government enforcement personnel proactively looking out for violations.
Question: If you knew going into the start-up what was about to happen, are any of your decisions different? Off the top of my head I have no regrets or second thoughts about what we’ve done or started up during our entire journey so far, but I do know that almost every decision we make will seem like an impossible one within two years, in hindsight.  The key is to make all sorts of decisions in different times and circumstances, be they pleasant or unpleasant. That decision make where there’s research required doesn’t need to be coerced during those ‘last choice moments’ where there’s little time left – it all makes sense once you’ve faced the feedback of what you’re building and why, because

What does pm mean in trucking?

What does per diem mean in trucking?

Per diem is similar to a per diem, but refers to an evening meal and a breakfast. Also, the cost will be slightly less. Depending on length of trucking contract (short) or port of embarkation (long), this could make sense.

What does otm mean in trucking?

Open Terminal Market.

What does ifta mean in trucking?

Ifta means when you change your route and choose a different destination. You are allowed to change routes and destinations within the same trucking company so long as the truck is at the same location when you make the switch, however there are a few rules specified by FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration). If you happen to be on a flatbed with all trailers but have no passengers or help load, or any time you hop off for something then decide to drive back home, if that segment is longer than 10 miles then it becomes freelance driving. Download this comic book that explains these rules pretty well!

What does lumper mean in trucking?

Lumper is a truck driver responsible for filling trucks at a depot, typically with different materials including empty containers, dry bulk commodities like grain and crude oil as well as liquid bulk products such as asphalt. Lumper trucks can also be used to move pieces of wood or metal, known as rough lumper.

What does line haul mean in trucking?

Line haul means that the product is loaded on a dedicated vehicle and moved between sources and destinations where different customers require the product. It can also mean that cargo is put on filler cars in transit and shipped to other locations.

How to start a trucking company in georgia?

What does loadout mean in trucking?

It is the vehicle/trailer combination drivers oppose as a load (usually a single pallet)  combined with the weight of drivers and cargo.

What does dedicated lanes mean in trucking?

I was interviewed over a year ago for the position of truck driver at a major freight carrier. I believed that It was my responsibility to provide them with the best truck driver they could find to haul their rigs. A private interview with the company’s chief engineer on his construction site (taking out old/dead trees and grading) led me to believe it would also be useful for him to have dedicated rental work around hilly terrain anyone can eventually learn how to keep dedicated lanes in the right places without them being too small. Eventually maybe you needed someone driving 5 trucks overnight, even though that doesn’t sound like much, it means 3-4 trucks instead of 6 could stay home feeling safe while getting paid overtime easily. Most important is working as efficiently as possible, leading people away from complex maneuvers until needed where appropriate.[…]

What does hhg mean in trucking?

hhg: high hazardous goods. High hazard commodities, like some liquifaction products and fuel, are loaded in to cargo containers on ships expecting that no damage will occur as these materials are not so heavy that the container would breach during transport (for example, product being shipped from Norway to UK – there’s not enough high hazard goods being shipped overland). Some will argue that there should be separate classification for high-hazard material and therefore make even more stringent rules regarding its transport. Keep in mind that along with increased safety requirements go safety regulations and fees, which leads to higher cost of shipping via types of transportation — trucking is the most commonly chosen method on account of speed of delivery and cheap freight rates.

What does bull run mean in trucking?

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