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What Advantages Does A Freight Forwarder Provide To A Carrier?

I can say that a forwarder unlocks various opportunities for pallets (and more), as per their service models. They also offer valuable guidance and help, which can be beneficial to both the carrier and the shipper.

How Do I Determine If I M A Motor Carrier Or Freight Forwarder?

If you don’t identify as a motor vehicle carrier, you are probably a freight forwarder and will most likely be working with the carriers instead of pricing against them. I personally call myself a “Backhauler” because that term has been catching on among the alternatives to MVCs. The majority of providers who are selling to PCS companies simply do not believe that what they are doing is an asset wanting to be sold for retail demand or cargo sourcing needs (I work very closely with my PCS provider counterparts to try and change their mindset). One company who does buy empty containers for direct haul transportation likewise dispute it as well. They will continue calling themselves backhaulers till someone gives them an actual term that is self-descriptive. I advise anyone wondering whether they are being viewed up front as a motor carrier or committed more toward HQ, go here: http://www.motorcarriers.org/powerof10/

What Are The The Basic Duties Of A Freight Forwarder?

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