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Top 3PL(Third-Party Logistic) Companies

Third-party logistics companies are a necessary component of the success for many eCommerce businesses. These third party retailers help manage everything from shipping and delivery to inventory management in order deliver products on time with quality control, ensuring that your customer isn’t left wanting when they place an order online!

Third-party logistics companies offer a diverse range of services to help you with your online selling. Some firms only do some tasks, while others provide all the duties needed for an e-commerce seller’s business journey!

What Are the Basis Elements Of 3PL Providers?

Third-party logistics companies offer a variety of services for eCommerce sellers. Some will handle inventory management, others payment processing and shipping expertise – there are so many options!

I recommend talking directly with several different providers before making your final decision on who’s going to be handling what in order get the best price possible while still meeting customer needs as efficiently.

In general, the logistics of a product are to prepare it and then ship. After that comes customer service for any issues with your purchase or shipment if needed!

Here are some of the main elements of logistics:

  • Warehousing and WMS
  • Regular storage
  • Supply chain
  • Transportation Materials handling and TMS
  • Distribution Shipping/Receiving
  • Customer service and Reverse logistics

Why business choose the Third Party Logistic Services?

The choice to outsource logistics services is a strategic one. The company knows that they can’t maintain this level of service themselves, and it also removes them from any potential liability issues related with handling goods or packaging materials properly.

Planning Freight Services: How to Make it More Useful to Your Business?

Benefits to you and your customers:

  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Increased repeat business from satisfied customers
  • Timely and accurate delivery of product to customers
  • Real-time inventory management tools and capabilities
  • Allow more time for you to focus on developing and growing your on-line business
  • Only pay for services that you need and use, when you use them
  • Reduction of inventory, overhead, and operating costs
  • Scaleable costs associated with order management and related activities
  • Increase your profitability.

We provide complete and comprehensive backend support so that you can spend your efforts developing, marketing and selling products through your Web site.

Top 10 3PL Companies at 2022(by 2021)

Which 3PL company is the best for your business? There are many benefits to working with a logistics provider and we can help you find one that fits all of these needs. Here’s our list of top 10 picks:

  1. Kuehne + Nagel
    – Headquarter: Switzerland
    – 400,000 customers
    – 109 countries
    – 1,395 offices worldwide
  2. DHL Supply Chain & Global Forwarding
    – 400,000 People working
    – Over 220 countries
    – 1,614,000,000 Parcels delivered
  3. DB Schenker
    – Headquarters: Essen, Germany
    – Revenue: 16.4 billion EUR
    – Founded: December 2007
    – Number of employees: 72,000
    – Divisions: Land Transport, Air Freight, Ocean Freight, Contract Logistics, Lead Logistics
  4. C.H. Robinson
    – Stock price: CHRW (NASDAQ) $89.86 +0.65 (+0.73%)
    – Headquarters: Eden Prairie, Minnesota, United States
    – CEO: Robert Biesterfeld (May 9, 2022–)
    – Revenue: 16.21 billion USD (Fiscal Year Ended December 31, 2022)
    – Number of employees: 15,262 (2022)
    – Founded: 1905, Grand Forks, North Dakota, United States
    – Net income: 506.4 million USD (Fiscal Year Ended December 31, 2022)
  5. J.B. Hunt (JBI, DCS & ICS)
    – Stock price: JBHT (NASDAQ) $193.01 +0.52 (+0.27%)
    – Headquarters: Lowell, Arkansas, United States
    – CEO: John N. Roberts III (Jan 1, 2011–)
    – Founded: 1961
    – Revenue: 9.165 billion USD (2022)
    – Number of employees: 29,056 (2022)
    – Founders: Johnnie Bryan Hunt, Johnelle Hunt
  6. Burris Logistics
    – Headquarters: Milford, Delaware, United States
    – Founded: 1925
    – Subsidiaries: Trinity Logistics, Inc., Honor Foods, Burris Custom, Burris PRW Plus
  7. Echo Global Logistics
    – CEO: Douglas R. Waggoner (Dec 2006–)
    – Headquarters: Chicago, Illinois, United States
    – Founded: 2005 Subsidiaries: Command Transportation, LLC, Open Mile, Inc.,
  8. DSV (Americas)
    – Stock price: DSV (CPH) DKK 1,273.00 -8.50 (-0.66%)
    – Headquarters: Hedehusene, Denmark
    – CEO: Jens Bjørn Andersen (Aug 2008–)
    – Revenue: 115.9 billion DKK (2022)
    – Founder: Leif Tullberg Founded: 1976
    – Number of employees: 56,000 (FTE, end 2022) Subsidiaries: Panalpina, MORE
  9. Americold
    – Founded: 1903
    – Headquarters Atlanta, GA
    – In 2022, the American company reported net revenue to the value of almost 1.6 billion U.S.
  10. Werner Enterprises Dedicated & Logistics
    – Werner Enterprises is a transportation and logistics leader, with more than 8000 trucks, 24000 trailers and nearly 13000 employees. Learn more here.

Why A 3PL Is So Important?


3PL companies are an excellent way to create multiple streams of revenue.

The first place for profit, growth and long-term success in this instance would be at the top or front most position on your business card. These individuals represent what’s called “the owner.”

Next comes “middleman”, who may have skills specific towards certain areas such as marketing/sales or production respectively (but isn’t limited!).

Finally there’s ‘rear’ which refers not just literal positioning behind something else, but also carries with it notions like expertise needed because you’re not present everywhere throughout every process taking place within one company.

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