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How to start a trucking company in virginia?

Go to a truck driving school in your state, then get employed to drive trucks.  Yeah that’s basically the answer. Find a vehicle (truck) and an individual who is willing to allow you to help load/unload freight, these guys need paid help when they’re out of work. Fall asleep at the wheel while driving with the company’s signage on it…that enough? -Lanny

How to start a trucking company in washington state?

It depends if you want to start with a company license or without one. Currently, in Washington there is a “franchise tax” that operates according to interstate commerce rules as well as adding on the franchise license fee (this is higher than your normal state and local sales tax). However, those that have no business license and are not engaged in business operations can get a company license without the Franchise Tax. These companies can then begin to obtain benefits through their individual Registered Trucking (R-T), brokerage services agents and reporting of freight (airport weight & dimensions).

How to start a trucking company in wisconsin?

a little over 7 years ago i started a business in udk I used to drive a truck and worked 3 days a week but life got in the way so I put my business plans on the backburner. Some time ago my daughter was driving her car and we noticed that she needed rear wheel balancing not once but  two times which is not easy to do. My kids were about 8 at the time, so I offered them money to help me with balancing the wheel. She did it twice, so once again I told them they’d need to take care of gear shifting & brake cables thus giving mom & dad a break while they learned. Thus began my sons’ career in truck tech nerds. Upon reception of their hard work, my wife asked around what setting should be used after balancing tires & needed some opinions. We proceeded to ask our friends/contacts whether it was maintenance that’s necessary or if you could adjust motor mounts differently upon repairs. The replies were too overwhelming thus eliminating any further questions for this venture through divorce because there weren’t any left for survival due to lack of sleep and significant amounts of stress from over-protecting our kids via avoiding this plan from birth till we divorced 2 yrs later (sorry off topic

How to start a trucking company in indiana?

How to start a trucking company in minnesota?

I would highly recommend that you interview several trucking companies and learn as much as possible about what the trucking industry is all about before taking the leap. Also, Roger Stanley’s book, “Truck Makes Me Money” (available through Amazon), explains a lot of the requirements you will need to meet when starting up your own rig fleet.

How to start a trucking company in missouri?

My 32 year old son has been involved in this industry since he was 15/16. Being a young trucker is not all it’s cracked up to be, and laws have changed where today any offense would get your local “cop” you off the road for life. You must have the compassion for people and become a Christian first and foremost. I noticed my oldest son do an awesome job of customer service and love from him (not his ego) that goes so far beyond all of his toll-gates, billboards, commercials, and “tradable” vehicles. If you’re like that, go for it as it will take care of everything else on your own. Keep us posted on how things turn out and we’ll tell others in our families who also want to start their own businesses.

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