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How To Become A Full Time Freight Broker?

Working on the side as a part time freight broker is How to become a Full Time Freight Broke

How To Become A Good Freight Broker?

Make First Mark At Export/Import Company Or Have Knowledge Of Foreign Exchange Market.
They teach you at Liverpool Business School:  In freight brokerage, paper is the top of commodity. What paper? U.S dollars! That’s it! If you can trade paper -you have got the skills for freight brokerage. This is a very simple job. There are so many global companies that need maintenance & servicing of their fleets worldwide and cargo handling in various international ports and airports.(Classroom session photo above)

How To Become A Freight Broker For The Government?

A freight broker is basically a job where you take freight from one point to another and make sure that everything pulls through as smoothly as possible in your dispatcher’s eyes. And this kind of work can be made out to pay better than $20 an hour, not just for the government but even for private parties. I know a guy who does similar work who says he can make up to $2 million per year at times, and his yearly earnings never once crossed over into double figures!

How To Become Intermodal Freight Broker?

The same way you became a railroad construction worker: would probably start with newspaper& magazine delivery service and guard/security work, then ask your boss if they want the job of an assistant freight agent. If they do, start taking port studies to build the foundations that all these skilled candidates will one day use to call themselves an Intermodal Freight Broke

How much does a freight broker make per load?

How To Become A Freight Broker For Landstar?

Get a ticket to SeaTac Airport (I live in Arizona and drive down most Amtrak routes); load up the car at SeaTac (legally); get off at Old Auburn; head east on Old Auburn to W. Marginal Way; get your meeting with a freight broker for landstar. Future associates and trainees should study out of books like Freight Broker , courtesy of Amazon link.

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