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How much money to start a trucking company?

It’s no problem to start a trucking company, several million is not a big issue. To start your own multi-national enterprise is another story. Millions of dollars are needed in the beginning but if the business expands rapidly operations happen without increase in traffic. In fact their could be decrease in traffic.

How to start a trucking brokerage company?

When starting a trucking brokerage business, one of the most important things to consider is that you dealing with many people, so have to deal with process. You can’t move along very successfully if you are constantly lost in your own process and can’t communicate well with others. While picking up truckers at home or at the depot, it becomes clear which ones are good and need more talking to. To communicate effectively while driving and efficiently organize information a database is created in which all clients, jobs and driver carriers are automatically organized. When this is complete it becomes possible to quickly find information. If I ever want to learn something new on my fixed schedules, I create training material and invest the few cents by working hours on videos.

How to sue a trucking company for not paying you?

What is your lawyer’s name: sue@law.com  & send me the details of your situation along with a good email and I will check that out for you.

How to choose a trucking company?

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