How much does freight consolidation cost ningbo?

In order to know the cost of freight consolidation, we need to know what transportation mode you will use. Typically, if you are planning on container shipping your goods to your overseas destinations, then the first step is sea freight booking. Containers can be sourced either through shipping lines directly or through freight forwarders (if they offer this service). Freight consolidators basically contact the shipping lines and ask for a quotation. The companies usually request up to four documents: Bill of lading , Certificate of origin, Packing list and Delivery order.
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However, different freight forwarder companies follow different procedure and some don’t require you sending the actual documents to their side.

How much does it cost to forward freight from wa to ak?

It depends where the freight is going to WA; but average in 2018 is about $9800 between WA and AK.  That’s based on a quick review of rates by carriers. Now if you look at those carriers, I doubt any of them will binding quote it exactly that low (but you never know).. If you consider effective cost, which includes any minimum charges they may want to impose in addition to their actual rate, the cost could be more than double the shown number. When looking for the lowest possible cost I suggest calling some carriers and getting a firm quote. Be sure to double check port-to-port (meaning both origin and destination port) so you don’t have any extra charges when loading or unloading freight -It also will show how much truck space was used as well as unload miles/hour.

Who is responsible for the freight cost when the terms are fob destination?

When shipping freight does higher class usually cost more??

I ship a couple of times a week, so I get all the breaks. 1) Paperwork/passenger: never once have I been charged $75; 2) premium vs chartering: priority overnight shipping is more than double these prices, three times more expensive. 3) multiple destination – $20 for all over the US; 4) airline selection: I chose Delta because of their Etihad brand.
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How to find fedex freight cost after delivered?

Insurance cost is decided by their base insurance.So could ask them to send back the items while they were checking out at the customerer if it’s expensive, and helpful before pay via credit card or debit  on delivery date

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