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How much does a freight broker make per load?


Freight rates vary depending on the type of freight, the weight and size of the load, and the distance it will travel. Typically, a freight broker can expect to make around $100-$200 per load. However, there may be times when a broker can negotiate a higher fee or when they are able to find a particularly low-cost shipment.

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A freight broker typically charges a percentage of the total freight quote, usually between 10-20%. So, if the freight quote is $1,000, the broker’s fee would be $100-$200. The more loads a broker books, the lower their percentage rate tends to be.

Keep in mind that freight brokers don’t actually transport the goods – they simply connect shippers with carriers who have available trucks. Therefore, their job is mostly sales and customer service. A good freight broker is adept at quickly understanding a shipper’s needs and connecting them with a carrier that can best meet those needs (cost being an important factor).

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How Much Brokers Could Make Each Year?

Looking online, freight brokers have a salary range from $42,926 (payscale.com) to $93,618 per year (indeed.com). In this article, we’ll break down why this is, what freight brokers make in different locations, and whether starting a broker business or becoming a freight broker is right for you.

Does harbor freight get pay weekly?

Top 10 freight broker salaries by state:

  • Kansas $75,686
  • Arkansas $71,220
  • Illinois $ 66,448
  • Utah $65,250
  • Georgia $63,896
  • Florida $62,515
  • Ohio $62,268
  • Texas $61,921
  • Iowa $60,744
  • New Jersey $56,470

How much does it cost to start a freight brokerage business?

All freight brokers must possess a $75,000 brokerage bond to obtain a brokerage license, including auto transport brokers who specialise in hauling vehicles. This does not include building and administrative fees or any office supplies.

How much can freight brokers legally profit from the loads they broker to truck drivers?

There is no legal maximum or minimum. I have heard of loads where the broker kept 50% of the revenue. There is a Federal Regulation that says a broker has to show a carrier the actual invoice that the broker sent the shipper which will have the total revenue listed if the carrier requests it. But there is a catch. You have to personally show up at the main office of the brokerage to make the request for them to produce the invoice and there is no time limit on how long they can take to produce it. Of course, any carrier that does so will never get another load from that broker……

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