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How do I request a shipping quote from BrickLink?


It’s actually pretty simple to request a shipping quote from BrickLink. Just log in to your account, click on the “My Store” tab, and then click on the “Get a freight quote” link under the “Store Settings” heading. From there, you’ll just need to provide some basic information like your shipping destination and the dimensions of your package. Once you submit that information, you should receive a shipping quote within 24 hours. Hope that helps!

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How do I enable the request quote option?

Im new to selling on bricklink and I want to get the Request Quite option working at checkout. But no matter what I do the option to request a quote never comes up. Are there any requirements for request a quote to work? Or is there like a setting I have to enable.


It should only be that you go to tour shipping method and check the box for it


I did but once you get to check out it says that no shipping methods are available


Are your shipping methods enabled ? You have both disabled and enabled shipping methods. Once you disable a method, you have to wait until all the orders that used it age off the system, then it can be deleted.

Why some Bricklink sellers have no instant checkout?

Depends on the store. Basically, sellers can set up an automatic shipping system where it will calculate the shipping method based on the given size and weight of the set (listed in the database) and charge you based on how much a seller charges for that method. So, for example, if a given set could fit in both a USPS Flat Rate Small Box (which I think is like $7-8?) or USPS Priority Mail, it will automatically give you the cheaper option, depending on the weight of the item. This is all assuming that the seller has accurately put in different weights and priced accordingly.

Some stores will send a manual quote for every order, if they don’t have it set up.

Hey, I remember placing US Bricklink orders back when PayPal felt sketchy and wasn’t as widely used, so I had to physically mail a money order off after going to get one (who even uses those any more, if they exist), wait for that to get to the person, then wait for them to send my parts.

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