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How Are Chinese Freight Forwarder Shipping With Ups So Cheap?

The article you refer to is wise but quite old and somewhat outdated. They are not china freight forwarder , unless it’s about the middle market freight forwarders (Quintong, ZTO Express) that don’t allow the booking of express parcels from their own offices, some unique shipping forwarders use very cheap junk parcel rates like this . Those cargo forwarders offer anything from 1-6 percent discount than the airfreight industry standard lower then 20% off usual quoted sea freight rates, nobody can book something under 2kgs under $10.
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Is A Freight Forwarder Required When Shipping To Puerto Rico?

You may be asked to pay a lot of money for shipping and the custom charges are high. Complaint is rampant about this and in 2011 alone Drudge Report had 39 stories about this problem. It will definitely cost you a lot more than what you would plan on spending. Additionally, although expensive well before the hurricane, Puerto Rico is one of the most corrupt countries in the world (2010: 6th in corruption worldwide) . . . .

How much does cost to ship 100lbs?

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