Full load truck shipment from 20166 to 24153 how much?

6(foot)* 730(hay) + 1431(tree/fruit/nutmeg) =1378 770.
transportion 1375 kg

How much is full truck load for 20ft dry container?

It depends mostly on the efficiencies of how fast the containers are loading and unloading, and then how many pieces you need to ship per container. There are dozens of options available online, but I’ll list three of my favorites:
http://www.skylinesnewzealand.co.nz/search?q=full+dry+container&arid=1 ||| http://fullconus.com/cost-of-20ft-longhorizon-dry-container ||| http://www.equablokepgroup.com/board/show_results?page=1&customfield_255663 (pdf)

How much will a full truck load of caol weigh?

That depends on where the caol picks up from as it does not weigh the same everywhere. I spoke to my long haul driver that drives for us in the North East and he said around 120 tonnes….maybe a little less”

How many square feet is a 1800 junk truck junk full truck load?

If you had a truck that could load 18 junk cars onto one pallet, the total weight would be 27,000 pounds and the load capacity would be 9,100 pounds.
One pallet usually has a capacity of about 6,000 pounds, so you would need 8 or more pallets. Factor in the weight on top of everything else and your loading rate might only be about 120 pounds per minute (one car every 4 to 5 minutes). Don’t forget to include the weigh of 1 container and 6 stainless hose clamps: 2lbs
Either way, it’s not going to move very fast (maybe under 10 MPH) and it’s not going to last long—probably just long enough for you to sell your new junk cars!

How much does a full truck load from new jersey to chicago cost?

I don’t know the exact answer to this question. The cost of shipping is something I’m sure someone knows and could post. But, let’s just say it is probably lower than $75 per unit in a very early stage with no trafficability .

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