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Do harbor freight trailers have vin numbers?


As far as we can tell, Harbor Freight does not put VIN numbers on their trailers. This makes sense, since they’re primarily intended for hauling around cargo, not people. That said, if you’re looking to get a freight quote for shipping something via trailer, you should be able to find a company that will give you an estimate without too much trouble.

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There is an MSO (manufacturer statement of origin) with the trailer, you MUST have this. It will look like a discount coupon, green fringe stuff around the border, kinda like the old S&H stamps. If you dont have it, take the trailer back, its junk! And when you do get ready, if the trailer kit sat in the basement for 10 years and you finally put it together and titled it 10 years later, it would be a 2017 model year. Most placves wont require an inspection, but a bill of sale is a must. Hope this helps.

Check your local DMV website. They should have all the information you need there. Some states require an inspection and VIN to be added to the trailer. Others may just slap a plate on it.

How funny – my neighbor bought the “folding” style Harbor Freight 4X8 trailer a few years back, put it all together, got it registered. We took both of our bikes on it (we both have 01 YZ426’s) and they bounced bars the whole way to our riding spot (2 hour drive), not to mention the rediculous amount of flexing the trailer did – tie the bikes down tight, the trailer starts to taco, tie them too loose, you know the story there. On the way home we decided to load his bike in the back of his Sport Trac, and put my bike on the trailer solo to keep the “rubbing” down. Got all the way home (minus 3 blocks), and CLICK, GRRRRRRRRIND is heard out back. The damn trailer flexed and my bike popped off the trailer, still held by 1 tie, grinding my bars/seat/levers to bits. Took a full 3/4″ off of my Pro Taper 1 1/8 bar on that side. Proof positive that you do get what you pay for in a trailer… We tried to reinforce that thing before that first trip – 3/4″ ply on the floor, and a 2X4 made front rack to tie the bikes to. That stuff was as solid as could be, but the rest of the trailer had no backbone. Best of luck to ya on that project…

What Documents do I need to register my trailer with DMV?

Post by Old Skool Hookers » Wed Mar 21, 2012 5:00 pm If you bought the trailer from harbor freight then it has a tag with numbers on it and they should have given you paper work with the purchase. Take that with you to the dmv and get tags for it. if you didn’t get any paper with the purchase here is what you can do as I did with the trailer I bought from biggabe. Grind the tag that is on the tongue and register as a homemade trailer. you will need to let them know what type of trailer (utility, boat/yak trailer or whatever), they may ask you for the empty weight and the carry weight as they did with me, I just made something up(emty weight 250# carry weight 1200#) and pay I think it was around $60 for the whole process. They never asked me for any insurance but it may depend on who is behind the counter. I have always with any trailer registered them as homemade. I’m about to re register my current trailer as a new one get new tags as my old ones are pretty beat.

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